The Final Lesson on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a fun place to window shop. You can learn about amazing new products coming to market or films about to be made.

But it’s more than window shopping. Once you pledge on Kickstarter, you feel like you are part of something. Take it from people who researched hundreds of campaigns, tearing apart every little detail but never pledging – when you finally pledge, you become a child waiting for Christmas. A Christmas that isn’t guaranteed on a certain day but we’re adults and most of us have learned to manage our enthusiasm.

You receive updates on how your gift to yourself is coming along. Some creators update their backers more than others, but in our experience creators are always willing to communicate. Why wouldn’t they want to talk about what they’ve spent the past couple of years creating? Then, you get it in the mail (whatever it is) and as you pull it out of the box you know that you are one of the first people to ever own one. Hey, and if the product takes off, that may be a bragging point one day.

So, the Trivae team urges you to pledge a project on Kickstarter. Whether it be in the art, comic, design, or film section – do it. And if it happens to be ours, great. If tomorrow is the day, wait until 8 a.m. CT, check the product design category, and you may see a product that looks familiar (it’s us!). 🙂


A Beginner’s Guide to Kickstarter II

In our first installment of Kickstarter education we covered the burning question – what is that…thing? In this installment, we’ll discuss why people choose to fund their dreams with crowdfunding. As you’ll soon see, it’s not just because it’s a fun way to do so; it’s because of all the ancillary benefits. But, it’s still a lot of fun.

2nd Kickstarter infographic

A Beginner’s Guide to Kickstarter

Sometimes new concepts can be hard to grasp. Especially really new concepts. It took running a Kickstarter campaign and not quite reaching our goal to realize that maybe explaining ourselves would be a good idea. It’s a revolutionary idea, we know.

Most people aren’t familiar with Kickstarter. What is this foreign concept? Well, we’re going to tell you in our next couple of blog posts. Trust us, you’ll almost be experts by the end of this course. Wait, should we be charging for this?

To get started, the first thing you need to know is that Kickstarter is an online platform that allows people to kick start their creative projects. We would say no pun intended, but that was definitely intended.

To keep learning, check out the infographic below and stay tuned for our next lessons on Kickstarter.

kickstarter infographic

A Little Background

The feeling of being just out of college: freedom, opportunity, giddiness, and, that’s right, “real life”.

Fresh out of schooling and wide-eyed at their first “real” jobs, Trivae creators Svetlana and Rebecca met and became instant friends. The girls spent their days working in finance on Wall Street and both flourished in their careers. Little did they know, each was harboring secret dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Both kept their inventive ideas a secret until Rebecca was about to leave NYC to work in Europe. After five years of friendship, it was finally made known that they both shared a common dream—to start a business of their own.

With an ocean between them, the two began brainstorming product ideas, trying to decide which of their many ideas would be the most useful. After two years and many cooking sessions, Svetlana and her sister, Ruslana, decided they were tired of trying to find a place for the lid while cooking. Svetlana and Rebecca spent two more years spent designing and planning and are finally ready to present their product to market. They have worked tirelessly, trying to perfect everything regarding Trivae.

Svetlana and Rebecca have an infectious bug they would like to share with you, their enthusiasm for work. Not many people can honestly claim that they love their jobs, but these two definitely can. If you’re ever lucky enough to speak personally with them about Trivae, you’ll see that sparkle in their eyes.