The Final Lesson on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a fun place to window shop. You can learn about amazing new products coming to market or films about to be made.

But it’s more than window shopping. Once you pledge on Kickstarter, you feel like you are part of something. Take it from people who researched hundreds of campaigns, tearing apart every little detail but never pledging – when you finally pledge, you become a child waiting for Christmas. A Christmas that isn’t guaranteed on a certain day but we’re adults and most of us have learned to manage our enthusiasm.

You receive updates on how your gift to yourself is coming along. Some creators update their backers more than others, but in our experience creators are always willing to communicate. Why wouldn’t they want to talk about what they’ve spent the past couple of years creating? Then, you get it in the mail (whatever it is) and as you pull it out of the box you know that you are one of the first people to ever own one. Hey, and if the product takes off, that may be a bragging point one day.

So, the Trivae team urges you to pledge a project on Kickstarter. Whether it be in the art, comic, design, or film section – do it. And if it happens to be ours, great. If tomorrow is the day, wait until 8 a.m. CT, check the product design category, and you may see a product that looks familiar (it’s us!). 🙂


A Beginner’s Guide to Kickstarter

Sometimes new concepts can be hard to grasp. Especially really new concepts. It took running a Kickstarter campaign and not quite reaching our goal to realize that maybe explaining ourselves would be a good idea. It’s a revolutionary idea, we know.

Most people aren’t familiar with Kickstarter. What is this foreign concept? Well, we’re going to tell you in our next couple of blog posts. Trust us, you’ll almost be experts by the end of this course. Wait, should we be charging for this?

To get started, the first thing you need to know is that Kickstarter is an online platform that allows people to kick start their creative projects. We would say no pun intended, but that was definitely intended.

To keep learning, check out the infographic below and stay tuned for our next lessons on Kickstarter.

kickstarter infographic

The Journey

When people think of entrepreneurship, generally an image of a cool product or driven business person comes to mind. What people don’t realize is that entrepreneurship, before anything else, is a journey.

It is a journey in which you not only create something from nothing but accidentally reinvent yourself in the process. When we first decided that we wanted to create something, we had close to a million ideas. Many nights were spent deciding which product had a chance of surviving in the market. When we settled on Trivae, it felt like we had really made some progress.

Two years later, we realize how minute that first initial feeling of progress was. After many sleepless nights, countless phone calls, and many encouraging words from our loved ones, we have finally arrived at a place where Trivae is almost a reality. And yet, it still seems so far from reach.

We have had to become more patient in this process, both with ourselves and with others. We have had to learn new skills and, when we couldn’t learn on our own, we had to reach out to those who could teach us. The world is brimming with possibilities the moment you realize that simply asking can help you to overcome most obstacles.

In all honesty, becoming entrepreneurs has been one of the most terrifying and rewarding experiences of our lives. We wouldn’t trade it for all the sleep in the world (even though we could really use some).