Life experiences are just a question away

In this day and age, it’s easy to forget simple mantras that we used to live by as kids. I can’t recall the last time that I actually thought of “The Golden Rule,” something I was reminded of constantly as a kid. After so many years of reinforcement, these phrases become embedded into our daily lives and are often executed subconsciously. But what about the mantras that have been forgotten?

One that is often times forgotten, but is very prevalent in daily life, is the notion to ask for what you would like and many times it will be granted to you. In business, it is amazing the kinds of things that you can experience and the doors that will open for you if you simply ask.

A great instance of this is when we went on an adventure throughout Omaha to find a specialty engraver for an entirely customizable Trivae that will be offered through our Kickstarter campaign. We stopped by an old, established engraving place, Herman Engraving Co., and asked to speak with someone, even though we were hesitant given we didn’t make an appointment. We ended up speaking with the president of the company (Mike Hahn), getting a tour, and seeing great pieces of history that one would never guess originated in Omaha.

When we were walking through the shop, we were able to see the 2015 Daytona 500 trophy being made. Mike even stopped to describe the entire process the trophy goes through when it’s in their shop as well as how long they had been involved in making it.

Then, at the end of the tour, we ended up at a cabinet filled with relics from the past. Mike pointed out a strange looking piece in the top corner and told us that they were the ones who actually made the mold for the very first computer stand frame that Steve Jobs used back when he was starting Apple.

It's the weird looking thing in the top left corner of the cabinet.

It’s the weird looking thing in the top left corner of the cabinet.

The pride that Mike takes in his work was evident throughout our whole visit. He was open to entertaining ideas and questions while teaching us about their work and Omaha’s industrial history. In short, he was incredibly inspiring. Meeting a man who has worked hard and taken pride in every second of it gives us another goal to aspire to. Who wouldn’t want to one day inspire others?

Experiences like these are just a question away and can be found throughout every city in the world. There are always stories waiting to be told.