A Little Background

The feeling of being just out of college: freedom, opportunity, giddiness, and, that’s right, “real life”.

Fresh out of schooling and wide-eyed at their first “real” jobs, Trivae creators Svetlana and Rebecca met and became instant friends. The girls spent their days working in finance on Wall Street and both flourished in their careers. Little did they know, each was harboring secret dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Both kept their inventive ideas a secret until Rebecca was about to leave NYC to work in Europe. After five years of friendship, it was finally made known that they both shared a common dream—to start a business of their own.

With an ocean between them, the two began brainstorming product ideas, trying to decide which of their many ideas would be the most useful. After two years and many cooking sessions, Svetlana and her sister, Ruslana, decided they were tired of trying to find a place for the lid while cooking. Svetlana and Rebecca spent two more years spent designing and planning and are finally ready to present their product to market. They have worked tirelessly, trying to perfect everything regarding Trivae.

Svetlana and Rebecca have an infectious bug they would like to share with you, their enthusiasm for work. Not many people can honestly claim that they love their jobs, but these two definitely can. If you’re ever lucky enough to speak personally with them about Trivae, you’ll see that sparkle in their eyes.