Strikingly – the secret weapon in our bag of tricks

One aspect of being an entrepreneur that few people give proper thought to is having to learn a vast number of skills outside of your general knowledge area and, at times, far outside of your comfort zone. This can be very time-consuming and distracting, not to mention daunting, and more often than not, it significantly slows down your overall progress towards the main objective which is to bring a business or an idea to life! This is also likely the reason why so many great ideas never see the light of day; their creators simply give up under the weight of all of the things involved in bringing it out of their head and into the physical world. As co-founders of the company behind Trivae, a multi-functional kitchen tool, we’ve had to become proficient in areas far beyond anything related to the kitchen industry.

A kitchen tool—what could you possibly need to learn? Well, as it turns out, the answer to that is “lots of things” and most of them have nothing to do with cooking or the kitchen. To give you some insight as to what it took to create Trivae, throughout the design process we have become near-experts in: CAD software, prototyping, various tooling, casting techniques, metal alloys, different metal finishes, the international patent process and how to read, understand and draft patent applications…the list goes on and on. And this is all before you even turn to the general running of a business. In the midst of all of this, there is one all-important thing for any business that we haven’t yet mentioned and, lucky for us, this is the one thing we never had to master – the art of website programming.

We’ve been working on Trivae for two years and ever since the beginning, our website has been the key to presenting our business to the world. For a business that lives primarily online for the time being, our website is the face of our brand and is the place where people come to get to know us. As such, it’s the piece of our business that deserves, and demands,  a lot of our attention, all of which is worthwhile because it reflects all of the efforts we have invested into our company.

Thankfully, creating our website has been one of the most effortless parts of making our product a reality. With Strikingly, we were able to create a website that we are proud for the world to see!

With the launch of our Kickstarter campaign quickly approaching (wait, is that tomorrow?), we are especially grateful that Strikingly’s platform is so adaptive to changes. Need to add our campaign video to the website? No problem. With a couple of clicks, we are able to rearrange images and text into new positions without taking any critical time away from running our business. These easy to use features allow us to showcase our invention effortlessly in a visually compelling manner. Strikingly provides us cost savings by allowing us to forgo expensive programmers, time savings, and also makes us feel like we’re not alone. Their people are always there to answer our questions while being wonderfully pleasant to work with!

We’re big about showing gratitude to those who have helped us along the way and Strikingly was the perfect partner for us. While learning the ins and outs of the design, manufacturing, marketing and all the other processes associated with bringing Trivae to market, we didn’t have the time or resources to create a distinctive website from scratch. Fortunately, Strikingly was there to help us and made sure we didn’t have to make any sacrifices!

Don’t believe us? Check out our website at!